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BTW, it would be very useful if qBittorrent show a current and maximum number of total connections in the status bar. Ok, I continue my investigations for this strange issue.

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I have looked through Deluge and qBitTorrent source code related to session initialization and found just little differences. Then I restarted my seeding experiments with Deluge and qBtitorrent from scratch.

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And after that the seeding rate increased! I stopped qBT, started Deluge with the same 3 torrents, and got a comparable seeding rate Previously I didn't restart qBT after stopping excess torrents, so probably not all connections were fully closed, or I just didn't wait enough. So it seems for now that my problem with poor seeding is all about insufficient number of connections for torrents with large swarm. It can't be clearly seen, because total number of connections is not shown.

Also it may be useful to tune the number of half open connections, so I'll much appreciate the corresponding option in the program preferences.

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However, the strange thing is that the default is "unlimited" in libtorrent and thus qBittorrent. So you actually have more half-open connections with qBittorrent than Deluge. You said that it happens when there are many peers and it looks like it cannot process them.

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It could indeed be a reason. Since max-open connections is unlimited, then you have a lot of them and it is probably hard to manage for libtorrent. But what about total number of current connections? I think it is a very important info and worth to be shown explicitly in status bar for example. Allow to set max half-open connections Bug reported by NovA on This bug affects 1 person.

Fix Released. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report. Also affects project? Bug Description. Add tags Tag help. Christophe Dumez hydr0g3n wrote on : 1. These brain changes may help explain how people can become overly focused on a perceived defect of their face, hair, skin or facial or body shape that others may not notice — indeed, that may not even exist. Some turn to alcohol and drugs to try to cope with the extreme distress.

Others seek cosmetic surgery — which fails to relieve anxiety and can even make the problem worse, leaving scars where nothing was apparent before. Some men have a form of B. Katharine A.

Phillips, a professor of psychiatry at Brown Medical School, is perhaps the best known authority on B. In an interview, Dr. Some pick at an unnoticeable mark on their skin until they do indeed have a visible lesion.

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Those who do go out without masking the area of concern sometimes suddenly flee and hide when they think someone has noticed it or is staring at them. But Dr. Phillips says most people survive such traumas without developing B. Rather, she explained, the disorder seems to have a combination of genetic, emotional and neurobiological underpinnings. View all New York Times newsletters. Phillips wrote. She noted that in about 20 percent of cases, a parent, a sibling or a child also had the disorder.

Imaging studies done by Dr. Feusner, Dr.

Phillips and others suggest that some brain circuits may be overactive in people with the disorder. One presumed factor — societal emphasis on looks — is far less important than you might think. Phillips said the incidence of B. Also, unlike eating disorders , which mainly affect women seeking supermodel thinness, nearly as many men as women have body dysmorphic disorder.


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The show was first broadcast on October 16, Project idol group Morning Musume were frequent guests on the show, at one point appearing almost weekly. After 13 and a half years on air, the show made its final broadcast on March 23, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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