Wholesaling Is Not Rocket Science

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See what happens next when we film a real house flipping business behind the scenes. And when the leads start trickling in, they are clueless as to what to do with them. The problem with many aspiring wholesalers is that they treat their business as a hobby, working a few hours here and there when the mood strikes.

The lack of consistency may still net a deal or two every now and then. There are many examples of million-dollar wholesale companies that do the marketing, brand themselves as THE go-to buyers in a given market, and then assign these deals to a network of investors who are chomping at the bit to purchase contracts from them.

The successful wholesaler does a few things better than the competition, and when you master these skills, you can crush it in your market. You have to know the local market better than your competition. Take the time and do your research, talk to pros in the area and acquire the knowledge that will allow you to present great deals to your buyers.

A wholesaler needs a constant flow of leads in order to stay in business. The best wholesalers have taken the time to get to know what their buyers are looking for. Understanding both the local selling and buying landscape allows you to tailor your deal finding and marketing toward those that will deliver the fastest and most profitable returns.

Have buyers looking for mid-century fixers? Concentrate your efforts there. If you are going to provide a service to customers, I suggest that you provide them with accurate information, and calling liquidated stock wholesale stock is complete garbage. Liquidated stock is just that, liquidated stock Im sorry but do you mean that you buy truckloads of pallets and That would be considered wholesale? There are Several middle men that exchange products before you buy a box full of 'liquidated' merchandise. Anything that is sold in bulk that produces profit, to me, is considered wholesale.

By the way, Ive been in this business for many years, I may even be able to help others. Im new to the forum but not new to the industry.

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Posts: Joined: 11 Oct 08 Karma:. Personally i find that website garbage. Who has , It seems to be copied material from other websites. Sorry but thats my take on the website. Its not a wholesale website! I think someone needs to define wholesale. Are they being sold under retail value? Maybe you have not researched what is selling to determine if anything on that site can make a profit. I was assuming everyone here was interested in making money.

The site is fine,just the name.

Sneaky Wholesaling Trick #5: “Getting Unlimited Access”

I would call it a liquidation directory or closeout surplus. The reason those items are listed as wholesale is because they are connected to ebay and that is what ebay itself calls it. I realize that there is a lot of confusion on the internet about wholesale because there are websites ranking number one for the term wholesale on google and their prices will not in any way shape or form make a profit.

They listed their website because they claimed to have 'low prices' and that is about it just low prices.

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I think that is why we have all joined this forum and I am not trying in any way to confuse anyone. The products on that site are connected to ebay.

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It is just an easier way to see the 'wholesale lots' on ebay. Now ofcourse if you found a Manufacturer who sells individual pallets then that is great but most of the time this inventory that is left over for wholesalers is sold in huge truckloads. Then that person selling the truckload of pallets individually calls it liquidation. If you have the money to pay for a truckload of products from a manufacturer then that would be considered true wholesale. I have gotten burned on that too because the deal is they do not tell you what you will get.

Sometime they will say this has more clothes than toys or it is a seasonal load. This brings us to the products being sold 'wholesale' on ebay.

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  • Whether the sellers have purchased a truckload or they only bought an individual pallet, they are trying to MOVE that inventory. It takes up a huge amount of space to store and yes you can m ake a profit off of those listings. They really are not always listed because they think they can make a huge profit.

    I have done it myself. I was like get all of this 'stuff' out of my garage, I will give it away if I have to :.

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    Sorry rileyb, but you still don't seem to understand the difference between wholesale and liquidation, and what you are writing is quite simply incorrect! To quote you 'If you have the money to pay for a truckload of products from a manufacturer then that would be considered true wholesale. When any manufacturer sells merchandise to a wholesaler, it is manifested and that manifest should coinside with what the wholesaler ordered or it will be rectified. They don't just throw anything in a bloody truck and send it off, if they did they would not be in the manufacturing business for very long!

    Again I say it, but you are talking about buying a truckload of liquidated stock, and a non-manifested load at that. Manufacturers do not sell these loads, they sell new products that they have made themselves! Liquidators are selling liquidated stock, they are not manufacturers, they are liquidators.

    When Real Estate Investing Really Sucks

    Honestly, you say you have experience in this industry, yet what you write indictes to me a complete lack of knowledge, and a total miss-understanding. I have also traded in liquidated stock, as part of a group, as well as on my own, and in fact I am currently a wholesaler of food products for two different companies through my own business. I understand the difference very well, and I thought what I had previously written may have cleared up any miss conception you had , but I'm just not confident about your ability to give members accurate information based on what you are saying.

    Posts: Joined: 19 Apr 06 Karma:. Link hidden: For paid members only But seriously I agree with the other posters here.

    This is more of a website for liquidated merchandise. Liquidated merchandise and wholesale merchandise are not the same thing. Will you please refer me to a site with wholesale merchandise and prices so I can see what you are talking about? Please refer me to a site with what you consider true wholesale.

    Posts: Joined: 11 Mar 10 Karma:. I've just had a look at some of those items on eBay and one particular seller is massively trying to circumvent eBay fees. I reported the listings. I'm guessing the original poster is promoting these listings as they would provide great affiliate commissions if clicked through from his links. Nothing wrong with that if it works for him. Having now spent some time on the site mentioned, I think it's great! I've often tried searching eBay for wholesale lots and had to spend too much time sifting through them.

    This makes it really easy and it's all set out in categories. Arguing about what constitutes wholesale is really just an exercise in semantics. Wholesale can be defined as the business of selling goods or services to third parties who in turn sell them to their own end customers either directly or after further processing. So anything sold in bulk for the purpose of onselling could be defined as wholesale.

    The keyword suggestion tool on the site is fantastic for doing research and I for one thank the original poster for the information. I'm going to be giving that tool a thorough flogging as it's one of the better ones I've come across and I was unaware of it heretofore.

    Thanks rileyb.